Personal training

I love resistance-based training using weights, in other words weight training!

Don't be scared, it will get you in the shape that YOU want!


Let's break that down
A calorie deficit and cardio lead to weight loss, true, BUT a large loss of muscle mass will make you look 'just skinny'. We want to be strong and in a good shape, am I right girl? Weight training is what builds your muscle when eating in a surplus and preserve muscle when dieting down. 


Different goals ask for different workout routines

Knowing the 'what' and 'why' of your program will always drive up the success of your plan. That is why I recommend technical training sessions, to see if you're training correctly. We don't want to waste our time when we are in the gym! So, train smart.


HOW you are doing it

Not sure if you are using the right technique? Or do you need me to bring you to the next level with your workouts or strength? Book a personal training, technique or strength session with me. 

  • Personal training (1 on 1 or duo workout)
  • Technical sessions
  • Strength sessions

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Training location

If you prefer me to come to your (home) gym, let me know.