My Story

I'm a Dutch Body Fitness/Figure competitor and brand ambassador. I live and breathe a healthy and active lifestyle. It was my own personal experience of overhauling my lifestyle that has driven me to inspire and help others to do the same, no matter what your starting point or mindset is.

Memory lane

I have always led an basic active lifestyle. When I was young my parents took me to gymnastics class and ballet. I did swimming competitions in secondary school (butterfly stroke was my favorite). I did some dancing for a while (Hip Hop and Modern Jazz) and I also played football for a year or two.


I had my first gym membership when I was 17. I really loved doing group fitness classes like Grit Strenght training and Zumba. I also learned to do some fitness exercises at the gym and I did some cardio before and after my workout, to warm-up and to cool down. That was basically it. I did not pay much attention to my nutrition.

What made me change?

I'm not someone who has ever been extremely overweight. For me it was a case of, I simply had enough of the way my body looked and felt. I didn’t have the body I wanted and it was time to take action.

Taking action

In January 2015 I began to do Cross Fit. I found a love for pushing my limits and find that being strong has been very empowering. I felt more confident in my own skin. It wasn’t long before my body began to transform before my eyes. The 'before pictures' as shown here, were taken in June 2015 and you can already see some muscularity in my physique!


I spent more and more time studying the theoretical and physical aspects of training and nutrition. Shocked to find out how important nutrition actually is. I started then a study to be a weight consultant. It was then when I decided to do a competition. I red an article about a girl who has been prepping for a show and I also wanted to do that. I took a coach and began my journey. Not even 6 months later I took 2nd place at my very first show in the Body Fitness/Figure division at the IFBB Strenght and Physique Cup 2015.


My love for fitness and nutrition led me to amazing the world of body building, where I went on to compete in several shows.

Competition history:

  • IFBB Strenght and Physique Cup 2015 - 2nd Place
  • IFBB Ironmain-Ironmaiden 2016 - 1st Place
  • IFBB Juliette Bergmann Grand Prix 2016 - 2nd Place
  • IFBB Dutch Championships 2018 - 1st Place and Overall winner
  • IFBB Diamond Cup Luxembourg 2018 - 6th Place
  • IFBB World Championships Poland 2018 - 13th Place
  • IFBB Diamond Cup Rome 2018 - 7th Place

Trial and error

My first competition preps has not been easy at all, but I gave my very best at every step of the road. I did the low fat-zero carbs-chicken and broccoli diet, weight training 6-7 days a week and lots and lots of cardio before my first shows. I had to gain so much weight in off season, felt terrible and had to lose even more when prepping for another show. It wasn't pretty.


Through increasing my knowledge around nutrition, training and my own body, I know that it can be different! Nowadays I eat a healthy wholesome diet, with FATS and CARBS. I work hard in the gym, still do some cardio because I like to do it, but also recognize the importance of rest and balance in life AND keeping a lean shape all year round.

Been there, done that!

I can't wait to start the next chapter of my life, to share my knowledge and be able to help transform and inspire female lives all over the world! If have been there, done that, now it's YOUR time!