Bodies by Shannen Delilah

Welcome to the BBSD coaching service offered by Shannen Delilah.


Shannen and her team take on all females who are serious about their health and fitness goals. 

If you are one of us, we would love to help you level up, and getting the health, shape and mindset you desire and deserve.


What makes us unique?

We strive to deliver a high level service, clear communication, personal guidance and ongoing support.

Next to Shannen and her team, our community of strong and like-minded women is always there to support you throughout your journey.


We provide three levels of coaching, to make sure that you receive the right service and coach that suits you best:



Level 1: Elite Coaching

Ran by Shannen Delilah herself. Ongoing guidance created for all females who are serious about their goals and can display a high level of commitment.

Level 2: Lifestyle Coaching

Ongoing guidance for those who don't want to compete, but want to learn how to make the right lifestyle changes. Ran by our Lifestyle coaches - metored by Shannen herself -.

Level 3: Plans & Programs

Looking for a 8-meal plan, 8-training program or 12-week transformation? We got you with our one-off plans in our amazing and complete SDF-App! 


It does not matter where you're coming from or what your goals is, but your work ethic must match up with that of our powerful community. 

The only thing we ask from you is commitment to give your all to reach your goals.


We look forward to welcome you to the BBSD Community.

To get started please get in touch with us by using the form below.

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