Bodies by Shannen Delilah

Welcome to the BBSD coaching service offered by Shannen Delilah.


Shannen works with women who are committed to their health and fitness goals.

Shannen is dedicated to helping you level up and achieve the health, shape, and mindset you desire and deserve.


What sets BBSD apart?

We strive to provide a high-level service with clear communication, personalized guidance, and ongoing support.

In addition to Shannen, our community of strong and like-minded women is always there to support you throughout your journey.


Shannen offers 1:1 Coaching and Programs through the SDF App.

Take a look at what suits you best!



1:1 Coaching by Shannen Delilah

This is not just a coaching program, it's an educational program where you can achieve your best physique and gain knowledge about nutrition and training. So, what does it entail?

  • A full, detailed training and nutrition program personalized to your individual goals and needs;
  • Complete mental and lifestyle support, e.g.: guidance on how to plan your day;
  • Program changes when needed;
  • Comprehensive weekly check-in process;
  • Weekly analysis of your training videos (and posing videos for competitors);
  • Timeline to track your progress and maintain motivation;
  • Access to the workout library with demonstrations on how exercises should be performed;
  • Access to posing videos (for competitors);
  • Access to the Whatsapp community and exclusive SDF events such as photoshoots and events;
  • Access to the exclusive BBSD Zoom calls, covering various aspects from lifestyle to training education, nutritional guidance, and mindset;
  • € 225,- per month.

Programs in the SDF App

My brain and effective methods, in an complete and amazing application. What are your options? 

  • 8-week "Nutrition is Key": A nutrition-only plan featuring 1000+ recipes, shopping lists, and cooking instructions.
  • 8-week "Master the Gym Floor": A training-only plan where you can choose how frequently you want to train.
  • 12-week Physique: A combined nutrition and training plan. Choose from Shred, Build, or Maintain options.


  • Video instructions for all training plans, with training included in all plans;
  • Flexibility to choose your preferred training frequency with all plans including training;
  • Shopping lists and cooking instructions for all plans, including nutrition;
  • Choose your diet: Easy to Prep, Vegan, Halal, Gluten free, Dairy free, etc. for all plans, including nutrition;
  • Access to the BBSD support team at all times;
  • Private Facebook Community for ongoing support & accountability throughout your journey;
  • You can follow the plans as many times as you want and adjust your goals accordingly.;
  • Plans starting from € 199,- per plan.


It doesn't matter where you're coming from or what your goals are, but your work ethic must match that of our powerful community. 

The only thing we ask from you is commitment to give your all to reach your goals.


We look forward to welcoming you to the BBSD Community.

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